F/W 2012

Country Chic, Southern Belle


Southern belles pride themselves as being adventurous and confident but that by no means sums up who they are.  They stay true, passionate and determined in the paths that they take.

“Country Chic, Southern Belle” reveals a range of throwback styles fashioned to bring out the sassiness from within. The collection blends premium materials such as vintage leather hide with flowing fringes, bold colours and chic studs. In this season, Veira will bring that southern belle style to the streets.


S/S 2012

Stationery Lover's Notion


Titled Stationery Lover’s Notion, this collection of bags celebrates the fun and quirky thoughts that percolate in the minds of those who are fascinated by stationery. Being avid fans of colorful pencils, neat folders, neon post-it notes, vintage brown jotter book and more, our love for stationery is just like how Cinderberry (of stationeryfetish.com) puts it, “The ballad of irrational love of pens, notebooks, paper diaries, inks, quills and every kind of office supplies”. Veira SS '12 is simply an idea on little things in life that make us giddy with joy.


Fall 2011

Tromp Around Town: Like Never Before


Veira embraces Fall ’11 with a walk down town filled with contemporary spirit. A revival of the fifties chic elegance, Tromp Around Town: Like Never Before unveils a new collection of classic silhouettes for the stylish shopper, sassy social butterfly or casual saunterer.


Veira also indulges in visual trickery for a zest of whimsical detailing across the collection. Inspired by the concept of trompe l’oeil in modern streetscapes, be prepared for an amusing pleasure or a double take on your favourite piece.


S/S 2011

Vintage Voyager: An Ode to Postal Mails


This S/S2011 we bring to you a collection inspired by classic love of mails, through a story of a modern "Vintage Voyager". Giving timeless pieces a modern edge so that they can be easily integrated into an existing wardrobe, Veira explores the vintage travel and mail bag silhouettes.